Guest House

Terms & Conditions

1. An employee can book maximum of two rooms. Accommodation cannot be blocked for more than 5 days.

2. Booking Request is to be given 5 days in advance. Confirmation will be given with in 2 days. On confirmation, the applicant will receive the booking confirmation slip in email.

3. Booking confirmation slip should be verified and counter signed by the Administrative Officer / DDO and the same is to be produced at the guest house the time of checkin.

4. In case of official exigencies, the allotting authority reserves the right to cancel the booking.

5. The officer / official must carry official ID card at the time of checkin. If the guest is not accompanied by the officer / official, the guest needs to carry Aadhar Card along with the photocopy of the official ID card of the officer / official in whose name the guest house is booked.

6. The tariff details are below:
       ► Normal room on official visit – Rs. 525/- per day (24 Hrs)
       ► Normal room on Personal visit – Rs. 575/- per day (24 Hrs)
       ► Suite room on official visit – Rs. 650/- per day (24 Hrs)
       ► Suite room on Personal visit – Rs. 700/- per day (24 Hrs)
       ► Dormitory bed on official visit – Rs. 200/- per day (24 Hrs)
       ► Dormitory bed on Personal visit – Rs. 300/- per day (24 Hrs)
       Rs. 200 will be charged as late check out charges for the first 6 hours and full day charge will be levied
       beyond 6 hours.